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What We Do



“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” – Jerry Gregoire

We have helped brands build an emotional, long term relationships with their customers and a unique brand identity, which sets them apart from the brands in the market, create recognition in the minds of the consumers and provide them a ‘one of a kind’ experience.

All are marketing efforts are made keeping in mind the emotions, feelings and thoughts of the consumers of the product/service. All in all, what matters is how you curate brand experience efforts. The ultimate objective is not to create a global experience but one that resonates positively and is relatable to the target customers.


A mix of content, written or visual, blogs, videos, infographics etc, all fall under content creation.

We don’t colour between the lines. We may be outrageous and out of the box but we help you stand out! We create a tailor-made strategy that helps boost your business.

Content marketing is a great tool to get people talking about your product or service or spread the word around to engage customers or even build your own community.

The real challenge is to come up with meaningful content that is of actual use to the customer. With the help of SEO, you can emerge as an industry leader and subject matter expert, shedding light on aspects never been covered before.



Advertising on Social Media

With the advent of the digital revolution, business owners have replaced their paper advertising with internet marketing services and are adjusting to fit a digital strategy.

With constant shifts in technology, one can notice the influence that digital media has on our lives. Digital media facilitates interaction, through Social Media platforms. It also levels the playing field for small businesses, giving them a place to promote themselves amidst a highly competitive market. It also aligns with how consumers shop, with just a click. You have one second to capture the attention of your customers and get your message across.


We provide you with SEO services, when optimized, your business will show up when prospective clients search for topics relevant to what you offer. The more owned digital media you create, the higher your visibility and likelihood of your page appearing on top on the search engine pages.

Paid media promotes your online content to improve traffic to your owned media assets. This form of media typically includes PPC, paid search ads, display ads, and Facebook Ads. Even though paid media can be an expense, when used correctly, it exposes your content and brand to a wider audience.


Your Data

For businesses to succeed long term, you need a long term digital or marketing plan. Longer-term planning enables consistent strategies and resource allocation to be followed in line with company product launches and campaigns and anticipated changes in the marketplace.

Although digital media changes rapidly, the long-term transformation needed for effective digital marketing means that you won’t be able to transform the organization in a short span of time. We are curating a plan for the longer run.

An effective digital marketing strategy will help you take correct decisions to make a business profitable, bring in new customers and increase brand awareness. A strategic process model provides a framework that gives a logical sequence to follow to ensure the inclusion of all key activities of strategy, development and execution.

Zaz will help you monitor performance and report ROI & KPI on a weekly/monthly basis.



Visual content has proven to leave a longer lasting impression in the minds of the audience as compared to written content. The basic elements of graphic design remain the same but the type of design service you require may differ from business to business. The services we offer are-

  1. Visual Identity Graphic Design

  2. Marketing and Advertising Graphic Design

  3. User Interface Graphic Design (Website Design)

  4. Publication Graphic Design

  5. Packaging Graphic Design

  6. Motion Graphic Design

  7. Art and Illustration for Graphic Design

Zaz Communications is all about visual expression through art and design. We aim to strike a balance between attention-grabbing beautiful visuals and carrying a great meaning forward with the intention to deliver the right message to the audience and help the brand achieve the goals it so desires. It’s all about speaking on behalf of your brand.




Zaz Comm offers you multiple solutions at once, for any web development services. Whether you are looking to develop your own website, make changes to your website or market your business online.

A website is the face of the brand and usually the first digital place an impression is made on the audience. A strong online presence builds credibility and solves many customers’ concerns.

There is difference between selling a product and selling a solution. Solutions have more to offer. It is a combination of the products/ services delivered with a definite agenda of creating a positive business outcome in line with a predetermined goal. The experience of the user is far more important than anything else.

Understanding the customers’ problems or expectations makes it easy to conceive the buyer journey. This can be communicated with a storytelling approach on the Industry / Solutions page, adding a lot of details on solving specific problems. Being an industry thought leader becomes attainable when you start selling solutions backed by research and customer needs.

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